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Merkur Foundation

As a financial institute, Merkur is in the business of deposits and loans. However, not all projects can be financed with a loan; charity also has an important part to play.

To this end, Merkur chose to use DKK 250,000 kroner from its 1997 profits to create a charitable nonprofit-foundation: the Merkur Foundation. The foundation is an opportunity for those who wish to donate or bequeath a small or large sum of money, while at the same time benefiting from Merkur’s wide-ranging expertise in environmental, cultural and social issues.

Merkur fund has the following objectives:
“The objective of the foundation is to support general charitable causes; moreover, to assist and promote the support of social, artistic and other cultural causes, along with research, advances in health and medicine, humanitarian causes, educational projects and environmental initiatives.

The foundation should work to promote a broad cross-section of donors and benefactors and through its business organisation, assist in the understanding of the special procedures involved when making a charitable donation. The foundation should furthermore utilise donations in areas that emphasise freedom of choice, scope for the enhancement of individual ability and insight.

Donated funds can be received by individual persons, groups or appropriate legal representatives in the form of a donation, loan or loan guarantee. Applicants must take into consideration that projects will not only be regarded for their value and fruitfulness for society in the long term, but that support from the foundation should be of considerable importance in the fulfilment of the projects' goals.”

Merkur Fund can only distribute money to the extent that it has the finances to do so; thus we  welcome donations from individuals, businesses, associations and organisations who wish to contribute to the public good and those who wish to bequeath a sum through testament and will. All donors have the possibility of earmarking donations to specific causes.

Donations over 500 kroner are tax-deductible.

Merkur will gladly advise on these and other issues. Please call or contact us by e-mail.

Phone: (+45) 70272706
Fax:    (+45) 70275706

There is no formal application form as such.  If you have a project that falls within the fund's parameters, as outlined above, send an application together with a description of the project, budget for its implementation and relevant information on other financial sources etc. to Merkur.


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