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Mission Statement

That each and every individual be allowed the freedom and the best possible conditions to develop to his or her fullest potential. That all people be treated equally.

That production and consumption reflect the real needs of individuals and society taken as a whole, considering the needs of people and the environment.

By financing projects that emphasize these values, Merkur aims to promote a more sustainable way of life, not just environmentally, but also socially and culturally. Such projects not only inspire others to work towards similar objectives, but they help contribute to making a lasting impact through concrete initiatives.

At Merkur we place great emphasis upon transparency in banking. Details of all loans within our core activity are published on Merkur's website, so that you see exactly what one's own money is working for when deposited in Merkur. We also publish (in co-operation with Cultura Sparbank in Norway) the magazine 'Pengevirke’ four times anually, in which you can follow Merkur's activities and that of our customers' in more detail.

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