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Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank is an independent bank and a pioneer of sustainable and transparent banking. Through branches in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain and Belgium, Triodos manages funds in the area of DKK 25 billion through the bank and associated investment funds. Merkur has chosen Triodos as its partner due to the fact that Triodos, in our opinion, is the European market leader in ethical and financial screening procedures, having committed itself to the highest professional standards in the trade. 


Nepthenes is a Danish environmental organisation of volunteers, that has since 1983 worked for the protection and the sustainable use of the world’s forests. Through the Nepthenes Nature account you can actively support their environmental and humanitarian work.

MS (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke)

MS is an independent grassroots organisation working for international understanding and solidarity beyond borders, skin colour and party politics. MS supports a fair distribution of the earth’s wealth and democratic development that is also ecologically sustainable. MS has around 5000 individual and 100 collective members.

OVE (Organistaion for Renewable Energy)

OVE works for environmentally friendly energy supplies as a substitute for fossil fuels. OVE is a private, independent association with around 300 members and is active politically. OVE publish the magazine ‘Vedvarende Energi and Miljø’ in partnership with SEK (Samvirkende Energi- og Miljøkontorer).

WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

A world-wide environmental organisation involved in countless nature preservation projects. WWF and Merkur work together on the WWF Nature fund-raising account.

Fair Trade

As in other countries the Danish Fair Trade movement consists of several NGOs which have different angles on Fair Trade. Some are retailers, some are importers, and others promote Fair Trade products in general.

Save the Children (Denmark)

Save the Children work in improving the welfare of children, mostly in the Third World, but also in the West, including Denmark. Merkur assist Save the Children with their fund-raising account. 


International Association of Investors in the Social Economy. A network of alternative banks and financial institutions from Europe and the rest of the world; Merkur is represented on the board of INAISE. The INAISE homepage has links to most affiliated organisations.

Cultura Sparebank

Cultura gained bank status in Norway in 1997. Merkur and Cultura have co-operated on projects such as joint savings and investment possibilities within Scandinavia. Since 1999, Merkur and Cultura have jointly published ‘Pengevirke’, a magazine for a new bank culture.


Swedish Ekobanken gained status as a member bank in 1998 and is fully committed to ethical banking.

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank

Germany and Europe’s first alternative bank founded in 1974. GLS currently finances over 2,000 ethical 

STS International Solidarity

STS (International Solidarity) is a private humanitarian organisation, originally formed by Danish union activists. The organisation’s aim is to give political, material and economic aid to democratic and multiethnic causes; in particular in the Balkans and Somalia.

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