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Sustainable Investment in Developing Countries

Help Developing Countries Develop Organic Production Methods while Simultaneously Generating Growth

Imagine you are the owner of a successful business that produces organic products for which there is a growing demand.  The natural thing to do is to expand your business, but when you contact your local bank, it offers you a loan at an interest rate of between 25-40 pct., if it is willing to offer you a loan at all.  This is the reality faced by many businesses in developing countries.
These limited credit possibilities constrain the ability of businesses to expand and to improve further their sustainable production lines.  It is in light of this challenge that Merkur Development Loans Ltd. was founded, a joint venture between the cooperative bank, Merkur, and the Industrialisation Fund for Developing Countries (IFU).  Both Merkur and IFU are experienced in financing initiatives within the area of sustainable development and providing credit to developing countries.

Merkur Development Loans Ltd.
Merkur Development Loans Ltd. extends loans to small and medium size businesses and cooperatives in developing countries.  For lending projects to be eligible for loans, projects must be certified within one or more of the following fields: Organic and biodynamic agriculture, fair trade or sustainable forestry.
Up until now, microcredits, which have mostly been extended to individuals, enabling them to start their own businesses, have received a great deal of attention.  But there is also a great need for loans to somewhat larger companies and cooperatives.  These businesses promote local development since they hire their manpower locally
By investing in Merkur Development Loans Ltd., you can help in the fight against poverty in developing countries while still receiving a fair return on your investment.

Initial Public Offering
The initial issue of shares for the newly founded Merkur Development Loans Ltd. will run throughout the first part of 2009 until June 12, 2009.  Potential investors after this period will be placed on a waiting list. 

Merkur Development Loans Ltd. has a targeted rate of return of 5-6% annually after an initial start-up phase of approximately three years.  The targeted rate of return is signifies the expected rate of return, but is not guaranteed.   The investment is not directly influenced by fluctuations in stock markets.
How do I invest in Merkur Development Loans Ltd.?

Contact us at or give us a call at (+45) 7027 2706




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