African Organic


The African organic producer, African Organic/Amfri Farms Ltd., is a family owned business in Uganda. The firm runs a large biodynamic farm eighty five kilometres north of Kampala with up to sixty people employed at season peaks, and has in addition to this 150 outgrowers associated, who are independent peasants that supply about 80% of the produce.
Produce comprises vanilla, ginger, chili, apple bannanas, eggplants, avocados, mangos, passion fruit, lemon grass etc., all of which make up exports to the Danish wholesale distributor, Solhjulet. African Organic is transitioning to biodynamic farming and is working on obtaining FLO certification, as well as developing a range of new products.
Since first extending a Sustainable Trade Credit, Mekur has expanded its cooperation with African Organic due to the great success that has met Solhjulet's imports of organic goods from Uganda. African Organic has also been present at the Biofach fair in Germany and has in this way built contacts to new clients, so that it now exports through Solhjulet to a number of additional European wholesale distributors, increasing the need for credit lines substantially.