Aurion Bakery

The Danish importer, Aurion Bakery, has received a Sustainable Trade Credit for prepayment of deliveries of organic quinoa from wholesale distributor Andean Valley in La Paz, Bolivia. This partnership would not likely have succeeded without the aid of the trade credit, since Aurion is not able to carry the entire risk of advanced payment on its own. The project was conceived by the Danish NGO Caritas with support from Danida.
Through its imports, Aurion helps improve the livelihood of nearly 175 families or almost one thousand people on the Bolivian plateau. Aurion imports quinoa flour and the by-product, made when separating quinoa shells and kernels, which is used for animal fodder. This means that the combined price for the quinoa is highly favourable for the supplier. Presently, Aurion and the Bolivian farmers association, Cedienku, are working toward obtaining a FLO-certification, so that the quinoa may receive the Fair Trade mark in addition to being an organic product. Danish distributors have asked for this due to Danish consumer sentiment.
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