Coatlhal in Honduras

The cooperative Coatlhal in Honduras comprises 150 families in the rain forest. These families live in extremely poor conditions with an annual median income of USD 250. The cooperative has thanks to counselling from the Danish NGO, Nephentes, and development funds from Danida (the Danish Foreign Ministry’s development agency), obtained FSC certification. This ensures an ecologically sustainable use of the rain forest, while the forest workers receive fair compensation for their work.
Helped by its trade credit with Merkur, Coatlahl has through its exports of FSC certified wooden grates and garden furniture to Nordic countries built its business to a degree where it is now eligible to obtain credit at a local bank on the same terms as its original trade credit with Merkur. The aim of the Sustainable Trade Credit was thus achieved in full. New and increased export orders with COOP Denmark, however, means that Coatlhal has received a new trade credit with Merkur.