Havilak Company Ltd. is a Ghana-based company which buys and exports Fair Trade wicker baskets to Global Trade in Denmark. A small fraction of the baskets are sold locally. The partnership with Global Trade began eight years ago, and B2B funding has been supplied by Danida (the Danish Foreign Ministry’s development agency) in order to develop the project. 
Havilak Company Ltd. has received a Sustainable Trade Credit from Merkur Cooperative Bank for the production of wicker baskets for Global Trade. The production of the baskets is done at the homes of about three hundred wicker basket weavers, who live between three and eight kilometres from Bolgatonga, the provincial capital.
Havilak supplies gas and dyes for the colouring of materials for the baskets, and orders the Danish-designed patterns.   The weavers themselves procure weaving materials. Upon completion, Havilak buys the baskets, which have to meet certain quality standards. If the baskets are up to standard, weavers receive a price substantially higher than the price they would have been able to receive for an equivalent good. E.g. they receive five dollars in stead of the three dollars they would normally receive from local buyers. The colours used in the production do not harm the environment.
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