Merkur Cooperative Bank

Merkur Cooperative Bank is a Danish values-based bank that combines classical banking with a vision of a sustainable society.

Merkur Cooperative Bank operates its banking business based on the basic understanding that the world is a cohesive whole. Every human individual is intrinsically valuable and possesses the potential to develop its talents in freedom, and can use the opportunity to take responsibility for our society and our shared livelihood.

Merkur’s two main objectives

We give and facilitate financial advice and financing to both personal and business customers. On the business side we finance profit making enterprises within sustainable production and not-for-profit institutions and associations within cultural and social fields. 

We also lend to and arrange mortgages for personal customers.

Merkur provides a full range of financial services, including savings and current accounts (available with Visa and/or debit cards), payment services, online banking, pension schemes as well as impact investment and socially responsible investment products.

We are mainly owned by our customers and emphasize a high degree of transparency, where the overall criteria and guidelines for our activities are publically available, and everyone can see to which end their money is being lent out. Therefore, you can see all our lending clients on a map with a small description for each, at www.minepengegø (“my money does good”). The site is in Danish only.

Become a customer

If you wish to become a customer with Merkur, download the PDF application form at the bottom of this page. Fill out the form and send it as shown in the PDF application - included with your appendix. Upon receiving your completed application form, Merkur will contact you. If you have any questions, you are also welcome to contact us by telephone +45 70 27 27 06.

Please note that all documents from Merkur – including contracts and general terms and conditions, etc. – are available in Danish only. However, we can offer an online banking service in English.

Global Alliance for Banking on Values

In March 2009, Merkur co-founded a global network of banks with a value-based and societal oriented business profile: Global Alliance for Banking on Values. The network now has 28 member banks that span 6 continents, combining a total of more than USD 60bn on their balance sheets.

By acting in unison the aim is to demonstrate a strong alternative to the business models that led to the financial crisis. Between the banks, there are many experiences to be shared since their business areas span widely: from micro-finance banks in Asia and Latin America to environmental technology in California, and all-round socially and environmentally oriented banks in Europe.

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